Pakistan’s First Homemade Tablet-PC “PAC-PAD1”

Inside the Kamra “Air base Pakistan” avionics engineers, when they are not working on defense projects, assembled an “Android” based “Tablet Media Player/PC” known as “PAC PAD 1”. PACPAD comes in the family of IPADs (from Apple Inc’s IOS.) and ViewPads (Google Inc’s Android Os).



PACPAD contains 1GHz Processor, 7 inch Capacitive TFT Display and runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with multilingual support. PACPAD is competing  all the Advanced ViewPads and IPads in the market along with bonus of cheap price.

PACPAD is cheaper than any Tablet PC including china products along with an extra bonus of 1 Year local warranty.

The prefix PAC in the name stands for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, where it is made. The PAC also makes an e-reader device and small laptop. PAC is also going to introduce the new version of PACPAD soon.

Supporters say the foray into information technology is a boost to national pride for a country vastly overshadowed by archrival India in the high-tech field. Tech websites in the country have shown curiosity or cautious enthusiasm, but say it’s too early to predict how the device will perform. Skeptics claim it’s a vanity project that will never see mass production.

Only a few hundred of each products has been made so far, though a new batch will be completed in the next three months.



R&D over information technology can be look over from “DARPA/ARPA” with its first generation computers to Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) which helped them in World War2 and later they launched as business perspective.

PAC’s website at says the goal is “strengthening the national economy through commercialization” and lauds the collaboration with China _ something that likely resonates among nationalists.

PAC officials suggested the program that produces the PACPAD was modeled in part on the Chinese military’s entry into commercial industry, which lasted two decades until it was ordered to cut back lest it become corrupted and lose sight of its core mission.

The tablet and other devices are made in a low-slung facility, daubed in camouflage paint, near, a factory that produces J-17 Thunder fighter jets with Chinese help.

“It’s about using spare capacity. There are 24 hours in a day, do we waste them or use them to make something?” said Sohail Kalim, PAC’s sales director. “The profits go to the welfare of the people here. There are lots of auditors. They don’t let us do any hanky-panky here.

At the end, Along with a great smile I hope it will give a new horizon to “Pakistani Software Professionals” in international market as well as it can be the guidance path for newbie. PACPAD’s price can be cheaper if we support our own product “PACPAD”.


Thanks Pakistan Air force…Long Live Pakistan🙂

PAC Display Centers

Above products are currently available only at following PAC display centres/ offices. While efforts are being made to make it available throughout Pakistan very soon.


Islamabad Head Office

House No. 220-A, Street No. 39, F-11/3, Islamabad (Ph. 051-2110482)




House No. 804, Street No. 1, Chaklala Scheme-III, Rawalpindi

Shop No. 15, Singapore Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Shop No. 16, Singapore Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Shop No. 4, Paris Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi

Shop No. 21, Paris Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi

Phone Numbers:  051-5153958, 051-5110 007


PAC Commissary, ARF PAC Kamra

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14 Responses to Pakistan’s First Homemade Tablet-PC “PAC-PAD1”

  1. Ahmed Azar says:

    Does the PAD1 have a camera in front for video chat or just one at the back?

  2. I want to purchase pac pad 1 on installments becuse my resources is not enough that pay whole of the amount

  3. adnan says:

    when it will be available in UAE ? Can we do skype vedio chat through pac pad ?

  4. Danish says:

    you can ask any friend who can export or just talk with the “Display Center” guys.

  5. Ali Amjad says:

    does it have ‘front’ facing camera for video calling on Skype?

  6. Danish says:

    you can ask on above contact details for complete information

  7. Abdullah says:

    its great to know about your efforts. what’s its price? Do you offer delivery??

  8. Junaid says:

    Its china made,come on people, be real and practical

    • Aqib Sultan says:

      for God Sake, kindly read all the comments … due to your comments i tried to verify because this blog ever speaks out for good things i really astonished after your comments is it a publicity blog? but you are the person who never research just make shit what ever he thinks….

      here is the official site: and it is manufactured by air force in kamra

  9. Rizwan says:

    what is the price

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