UET Lahore built Drone and grabbed 1st place in Softec 2012

At the lunch break after taking my meal, google for new updates about pakistan’s development and came to know that Pakistan’s UET students has been built  the “Drone Auto Pilot Plane” . They guys have also grabbed the first prize in Softec 2012.

This project has been made by 11 Boys (Cheetas) and 3 Girls collectively. They have made major changes under acrobatics. Current drones initiate self-destruction mode when someone tries to hack it but this awesome drone goes to Auto Pilot (due to fail safe circuit) and If it goes out of casino online frequency, it will become maneuvers  and will sent to auto pilot until it comes in the frequency.

In future they will be working on Stealth implementation as well as GPS and MLI Systems which will be supporting Auto Take Off and Landing and hitting the specific target.


This Plane not only  destroys the target but it will be very  helpful for Emergency Purposes like in “Floods, firefighting”.


Whole nation appreciate  you guys on such a great invention for the welfare as well as for the defense purpose.

Long Live Pakistan….

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  1. umer says:

    Great Effort By Pakistani Engineers…

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