Great Ppl Always do Great Things

Chacha Rameen khan did the same thing as the title of this post states. I hope every pakistani make the same thinking as Chacha “Rameen Khan” thinks, as our Ancestors, our Awliya Allah, Sahaba Karam does and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Taala Alyee Hee Waa Aa Lee Hee Wasallam taught.


Chacha Rameen Khan, who is taxi driver in UAE by profession, found more than 14 Kgs of Gold, lots of diamond and 40,000 U.S Bucks but never thought any bad thing never for a online casinos no download moment and return back the whole bag.

He neither made fastest 100 nor climb over Mount Everest but he did a great deed which will beneficial at the day End as well as he made the great impression for Pakistan.


Some Golden Words stated by chacha Rameen Khan

“”Mera mazhab yeh nahi manta k hum apny bachoon ko haram sy prhaey ya bara karay””



Long Live Pakistan…Pakistan Zindabad

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  1. umer says:

    Great….Thumbs Up

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