Sehwag’s Lie and Pakistan’s Clarification

A video which was taken from Sahara India Sports Awards 2010 started getting viral in Cricketing circle. The reason ? Indian batsman Virender Sehwag is called on the stage by Shahrukh Khan. After some frolics, Shahrukh asks Sehwag to speak about a sledging incident. Shying away at first, and acting rather innocent, he eventually told a story. He said that he was batting around ‘200’ runs and Sachin Tendulkar was on the non-strike end.

Pakistani speed demon, Shoaib Akhtar was bowling bouncers at Sehwag, while saying “Hook maar ke dikha” which was rather provoking, as Akhtar wanted Sehwag to play the hook shot, and get dismissed that way. Akhtar kept on bowling bouncers, then eventually Sehwag said to Akhtar “Woh tera baap khara hai non-striker end pe, usko bol woh maarke dikhayega” which translates to “That is your father standing at non-striker end, he will play hook shot”. In the next over, Akhtar bowled the short ball again, and this time Sachin was on the strike, and he hit a 6 off that ball. Then Sehwag spoke to Akhtar “Beta beta hota hai, baap baap hota hai” which means “Father is a father, and son’s a son”

Note: We don’t want to create any hate scene but want to answer/expose the truth:)


Long Live Pakistan

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