A Great Pakistani

just surfing the facebook and found a great informative video which is acutally the interview  telecasted on “Samaa Tv” of “Dr. Chahudary Ghulam Sarwar” who invented  lots things like A Car with Water oriented fuel system, Electricity Generator (15″ Box) with 5KVa Support and a Tube Well.

This person is great he is little angry with our governement but hopefully as the ppl of pakistan are educated, best online casino our politician will also be insha aa Allah. well this car is 3000CC and it consumes  5PKr/mile(which is awesome).


Don”t want to write every thing which is in interview so spare some time to watch this interesting interview.


at the end, i appeal pakistanis to at least comment on the posts to show your interest, you guys behave like all the nation is sleeping. Please Participate for Pakistan”s better or stop abusing politician (because you will be like them then)


Sir Ghulam Sarwar: from this blog i want to announce that whole “Allaboutpakistan” team is with you and feel free ask if we can help you

Long Live Pakistan:)

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