Hello, my name is Asim Zeeshan, I registered this domain name in 2005 in a hope to list all the news and information about Pakistan but alas, I could not get the time. There were many a fellas who expressed anger on why I was wasting such a name (one such example of Jawad) but I could not contact any one of them because they would not drop their email address, just a name.

Now, looking back at what I really wanted, I think the need of the hour is that the positive image of Pakistan needs to be blogged. Hence this space is now live, to blog about the positive and good stuff (less or no politics) involved.

I recently found out that other have already started this kind of activity, I would link a few here

  1. All About Pakistan Facebook Page by Unknown
  2. Responsible Citizen of Pakistan by Danish Khan


Lastly, I dont want this to be just a one man show (me), I want to invite everyone who wants to become part of this and contribute stories. Please contact me using the CONTACT link above.

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